Why Men Need Collagen

by Melissa Chichester

Collagen isn’t just for women.

Men can receive similar benefits from collagen as women do. Collagen is typically associated as part of a cosmetic routine – but the truth is, collagen works similarly for men as it does for women. It is a myth that only women need to think about collagen. Here are some reasons that men can also benefit from increasing collagen in their diets. 

What is collagen? 

Collagen is a protein that makes up connective tissues, such as tendons, skin, and ligaments.  As the most abundant protein in the body, collagen makes up 70% of your skin’s composition. It acts as a glue that holds everything together in your body. Think of it as “scaffolding” in your body. 

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Where collagen comes from 

There are several types of collagen:

  • Marine collagen 
  • Chicken bone collagen
  • Bovine collagen 
  • Plant-based collagen 

All of these are suitable for men and can be chosen based on personal preference. However, it is important to consume Vitamin C with collagen as well. Vitamin C is involved in collagen production.*

Collagen for joint health

Collagen is an amino acid-rich substance. Collagen supplies high concentrations of the amino acids glycine, hydroxyproline and proline in addition to many other amino acids. These amino acids are used in the triple helix of collagen needed for joint structure. 

Similar to your car’s shock absorbers, this cushion helps to absorb the everyday pressures put on your body’s structural system. This helps cushion the skeletal system so the body can move freely.* 

Collagen for skin health

Men have higher collagen density in their skin than women. Men also have thicker skin in general. Because of this, women often show signs of aging faster than men. That is one reason collagen is frequently marketed toward women. Skin collagen can decrease at an annual rate of about 1% as we age and that goes for both men and women. No matter your gender, collagen supports healthy skin.* And healthy skin isn’t just about vanity. Your skin is the body’s first line of defense, protecting what is on the inside! 

Types of collagen

There are several ways to increase collagen through your diet. You can consume gelatin products, which are a good source of collagen, or eat bone broth. You can also take collagen supplements. In supplemental form, you will find several types of collagen with unique benefits. 

UC-ll is a unique joint health ingredient providing collagen, a naturally sourced substance that promotes and supports joint comfort.*

It supports comfortable joint movement and a range of joint motion.*

On the other hand, Verisol collagen is clinically studied and proven to start working in just 30 days to support healthy skin.* It is an absorbable form of collagen that softens the appearance of wrinkles around the eye.* Individual results may var.

Wellnex SP-G is an instantized version of marine collagen peptides. It helps decrease skin roughness, improves elasticity, and supports skin hydration.* 

Biocell collagen helps promote healthy collagen production and helps increase collagen content in the skin.* It helps increase collagen content in the skin and improves skin elasticity.*

The bottom line is that collagen is an important nutrient for both men and women. Although women are more likely to seek it out, men should not skip out on collagen. The benefits of collagen for joints and skin are as useful for men as they are for women.*