Take Action on Senior Eye Health

Get the Lowdown on Lutein! Now is the perfect time to focus on support for those precious baby blues, beautiful browns, gorgeous greens, and the many hues of hazel. The stresses and strains on our eyes are everywhere. The biggest culprits these days, for most of us, are screens: computer screens, smart phones, TVs, tablets […]

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Good Nutrition is Vital to Eye Health and Healthy Vision**

As you’re sitting in front of a screen, reading this newsletter, are you reading with optimal lighting conditions? Is the screen size maximized and yet you find yourself squinting to read it clearly? If so, you’re like many of your fellow Americans.

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Five Tips for Taking Care of Tired Eyes

Nobody wants to hear “you look tired today.” Often times hearing this phrase is nothing more than a reflection of the bad habits in our daily lives that show up on our faces, especially in the skin surrounding the eyes. Skin around the eyes is very delicate– up to ten times thinner than the skin on other areas of the face.

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