Collagen 101: Supporting Skin and Joint Health

by Melissa Chichester

Are you concerned with maintaining a healthy complexion while growing older?

Meet collagen, a protein that plays a large role in that quest. Incredibly, collagen makes up approximately 70% of the dry weight of the dermal layer of the skin. In fact, collagen is the most abundant protein that the body provides, one that is also present in connective tissues to support joint comfort, helping us to stay active.* Think of collagen as the “scaffolding” of your body. Collagen is necessary to help us not only look good but feel good.*

Types of Collagen

There are more than 16 types of collagen; and 80 – 90% of collagen in the body comes from types I, II, and III. Here’s where we can find these types of collagen, plus a couple of extras:

  • Type I: present in scar tissue, skin, bones, and tendons
  • Type II: present in cartilage
  • Type III: present in skin, muscle, blood vessels, connective tissue fibers
  • Type IV: present in “basement membranes” that form barriers
  • Type V: Similar to type I, present in the placenta

Collagen Facts by Age

What happens to collagen as we age? Unfortunately, it begins to decline fairly early in life.

  • Starting around age 20, one percent less of collagen is produced in the dermis each year.
  • Around age 30, the amount of collagen begins to decline in the body.
  • Collagen is no longer produced in our forties.
  • By our fifties, the amount of collagen in our skin will decline as much as 40%.

Collagen and Food Sources

By eating nutritious foods, we can support collagen production in the body. Here are some foods that contain or support collagen production:

  • Bone broth contains collagen from animal bones and tendons.
  • Gelatin contains collagen.
  • Citrus fruits: Vitamin C involves an enzyme that links the amino acids together that form collagen.
  • Egg yolks and eggshell membranes contain collagen.
  • Berries contain ellagic acid, which helps protect collagen from UV rays.

To further support collagen, it is also available in supplement form. One Puritan’s Pride customer, Ed14 has this to say about our Hydrolyzed Collagen: “I recommend this product to everyone looking for a collagen supplement.” If swallowing pills is difficult for you, consider making your next smoothie with collagen powder, instead!