5 Top Supplements for Men

by Melissa Chichester

When it comes to taking care of personal health, all of us run into snags every once in a while with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, whether it is a stressful time at work or while dealing with family issues. As we try to eat right and exercise regularly, it is easy to get derailed on the road to wellness when life gets in the way. Most of us are already familiar with the now common knowledge that claims men may be less likely to seek out health care help than women. Adults should not skip opportunities to live an overall healthy lifestyle; however, supplementation can help when we hit one of those snags when life gets too hectic. Here are five of the top supplements that help support the active lifestyles of men.*

Tribulus terrestris

Tribulus terrestris is a hardy herb that is known to thrive in some of the driest climates in the world, even in poor soil. Interestingly, this plant bears fruit that divides into extremely sharp nutlets that have spikes and can injure bare feet or puncture bicycle tires. Used in both Ayurvedic tradition and traditional Chinese medicine, tribulus terrestris is usually ground into a powder for use, and it is popular with bodybuilders.


You may have seen the benefits of lycopene mentioned recently on a ketchup bottle or can of tomato sauce. That’s because lycopene is a rich red carotenoid pigment found in tomatoes and other red vegetables and fruits, like watermelon, grapefruit, mangos, and papayas. Because of its vibrant color, lycopene is used as a safe food coloring around the world. Processing and cooking tomatoes increases the amount of lycopene in the finished food rather than diminishing it. Lycopene is beneficial to men’s health as a nutrient that supports prostate health in addition to heart health, plus it has antioxidant properties to fight cell-damaging free radicals.*


In the body, creatine is a natural substance made by the kidneys and the liver finished the process with the help of amino acids glycine, arginine, and methionine. Creatine is converted into phosphocreatine and then stored by muscles.

Creatine enhances the ability of muscles to produce the energy needed during short intervals of high-intensity training.*

Because of this, creatine is popular with bodybuilders and other athletes.

Co Q-10

Best known for its role in heart health, coenzyme Q-10 plays many other roles in the body.* This fat-soluble substance is similar to a vitamin and is involved in cardiovascular health and supplying the energy production needed to nourish the heart.* Co Q-10 also supports healthy gums and blood pressure levels already within a normal range.*

With age, levels of coenzyme Q-10 may diminish in the body, making supplementation helpful.*

Men taking statin medications for high cholesterol may also have diminished levels of Co Q-10, and this supplement can help with replenishment.*+

+Note: Coenzyme Q-10 is not intended to serve as a replacement for Statin therapy, nor should you discontinue taking any prescribed medications while supplementing with Coenzyme Q-10.

Saw palmetto

Saw palmetto is one of the most popular herbal supplements for men. This small palm grows in clumps and is native to the southeastern United States. This plant grows very slowly, and some varieties in Florida are said to be nearly 700 years old! Saw palmetto was used in herbal health care by Native American groups as far north as Wisconsin, suggesting that it was a valuable substance in early trading. Today, saw palmetto is best known for containing beneficial phytochemicals that support urinary health and prostate health.*