Understanding Skin: Men Versus Women

by Melissa Chichester

As the largest organ of the body, your skin has many essential jobs to do.

It protects your internal organs, regulates body temperature, protects against pathogens, and much more. Although most skincare marketing targets women, skin health is equally important for both genders. However, there are some differences between what men need and what women need when it comes to skincare on both the face and body. 

The difference between male and female skin

Testosterone levels differ between men and women. Men typically have higher levels of testosterone, which impacts skin structure. In general, men have thicker, tougher skin on the face and body. Men also have oilier skin than women. 

The main differences between male and female skin are:

  • Men have more collagen in their skin
  • Male skin is between 20-25% thicker than female skin
  • Men have larger oil glands and more pores
  • Male skin is usually more hydrated 
  • Male skin is more prone to acne because of extra oil
  • Men usually have less wrinkles than women
  • Male skin has a tougher texture than female skin

Shaving also plays a role in the difference between male and female skin. Shaving leads to more sensitivity, more stress on the skin, and more nicks and cuts. 

Men are also more prone to developing skin cancer than women. The primary reason for this is that men tend to visit the doctor less, don’t wear sunscreen as much as women, and have more sun exposure throughout their lifetimes. 

>>Why Men Need Collagen

The role of collagen 

Collagen is the body’s main structural protein found in the skin and connective tissues. Collagen is what keeps skin looking firm, smooth, and healthy.*

Men have more collagen density in their skin – which means they tend to show age slower than women.

Some estimates have said that because of the difference in collagen, women’s skin is up to 15 years older than a man’s skin. Furthermore, men lose collagen at a more constant rate throughout their lifetimes, whereas women lose collagen quickly after menopause. 

Skincare for men 

It’s not only women that need to care for their skin. Skincare for men is just as important! Men can benefit from a tailored skincare routine that supports their unique skin needs. It’s especially important to protect skin from the stress of shaving. 

Shaving tips for men:

  • Use a clean and sharp razor to get a clean shave and avoid bumps and cuts
  • Use mild, soothing products to protect skin from irritation, such as aloe vera 
  • Shave in the direction hair grows 

Other skin tips for men:

  • Wear a lightweight daily moisturizer 
  • Cleanse your face twice daily, especially after working out 
  • Wear sunscreen daily, especially if you are going outside

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Skincare for everyone 

No matter what your gender is, it is essential to check your skin regularly for any changes. This means looking at freckles and moles to make sure they haven’t changed, as well as looking for new moles or marks that may have appeared. This means examining every area of your body, including between your toes (yes, moles can form here!). This is an easy way to catch potential skin cancer early on.

The Skin Cancer Foundation states that skin cancer is the most common cancer in the entire world. 

Protecting your skin from sun exposure is also important. Wearing protective clothing, avoiding sunburn, and avoiding the sun during its highest point during the day are all easy and smart measures you can take to stay protected from the sun. 

Visiting a dermatologist is another action both men and women can take to make sure their skin is healthy. A dermatologist will check for signs of skin cancer. They will also be able to pinpoint the reason for specific issues you are having, such as dryness, excess oil production, and acne. 

Although men and women have different types of skin, there are many ways to care for your skincare needs. The most important thing to remember is to practice safe sun care and tailor your routine for your specific skin needs!