Supplements for Men Over 50

by Melissa Chichester

When it comes to men and women, there is a big gap between who visits the doctor more often. 

Women are more likely to schedule regular checkups than men. And in a 2022 survey of more than 1,000 men conducted by the Cleveland Clinic, only 50% of participants practiced preventative care while 20% of men admitted to lying to their doctor about how they felt. 

Whether you are a man or a woman, healthcare is essential. This means getting the required checkups when you need them. It also means practicing good habits daily at every age. 

For men over 50, using a daily multivitamin can help you increase your intake of nutrients you may not receive from food. 

Here are 5 supplements men over 50 can consider.

Ultra ManTM 50 Plus

Need a high-potency multivitamin? Ultra ManTM 50 Plus contains more than 20 vitamins and minerals and was created for men over 50.

This includes zinc, an important mineral that contributes to immune health and sexual health.* Plus, it contains saw palmetto, pumpkin seed, and lycopene, three popular ingredients for men.* 

Each bottle of Ultra ManTM 50 Plus contains a one-month supply of timed-release, coated caplets.

Puritan’s Pride Organic Men’s Multi

Looking for an organic option? As part of our first fully organic line, Puritan’s Pride offers Organic Men’s Multi – a multivitamin formulated just for men with 12 key nutrients to support your daily wellness needs.* In addition, it provides 100% or more of the daily recommended values of Vitamin D, B-6, and iodine, and selenium. That means support for your heart, immune system, prostate, and more.* 

In addition to the essential vitamins and minerals that help support an active lifestyle, our formulation is enriched with a powdered blend of more than 15 different organic fruits and vegetables – a good multivitamin choice for men of all ages.

Senior Bone & Joint with UC-II 

Bones and joints work together to create movement, which is essential to stay active. Puritan’s Pride® Senior Bone & Joint with UC-II® features a unique combination of ingredients that can help you do just that.*

Cartilage is one of the primary connective tissues of the body, providing flexibility and support to bones and joints. UC-II® provides Undenatured Type II Collagen, which is the principal structural protein in cartilage that is responsible for its tensile strength and toughness. UC-II® supports healthy, comfortable joints and supports joint mobility and range of motion.*

Our formulation also combines Calcium with Vitamin D3, which work together to support strong bones.* Getting adequate calcium and Vitamin D throughout life is part of a well-balanced diet.  As we mature, the skin produces Vitamin D less efficiently, so finding the right supplement becomes more important. In addition, Senior Bone & Joint with UC-II® includes magnesium, which plays an essential role in maintaining proper bone mineralization.*

UC-II® is a Lonza trademark registered in the USA.

Senior Healthy Aging Support 

Senior Healthy Aging Support is a specialized formula specifically designed for older adults. It contains vital ingredients such as Co Q-10 to promote cardiovascular health, and lutein and zeaxanthin to support healthy vision and skin.*

Levels of Co Q-10 in the heart decline approximately 30% from our early 20s to early 40s, and by more than 50% in our late 70s. Supplementing your natural levels of Co Q-10 can support heart health as those levels decline over time.*

Lutein helps filter out high-energy blue light from the sun and artificial light before it reaches those important photoreceptor cells.* Blue light may otherwise induce oxidative stress and possible free-radical damage to the eyes.* Like Co Q-10, lutein may decrease with age.

Senior Healthy Aging Support also has antioxidant properties.*

Puritan’s Pride® Neuro-PS® Gold™

If you are looking for brain nutrition, this formula can help.* Puritan’s Pride® Neuro-PS® Gold™ is a multi-nutrient supplement that supports a healthy mind.*

It contains phosphatidylserine (PS), a naturally occurring substance that’s a key component of the brain. PS plays a role in neurotransmitter release and ion transport.* Neuro-PS® helps replenish Phosphatidylserine levels, which may decline with age. Neuro-PS® Gold™ aids brain function and supports a healthy mind.* It also contains ginkgo biloba for additional brain health support.*

Supplements and multivitamins are a useful tool for health. Always ask your healthcare practitioner before taking any supplements. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.