3 Nutrients for Occasional Stress Support

by Melissa Chichester

Many people don’t realize the impact stress can have on general wellness – and throughout the year, certain times can be more stressful than others. 

Times when people may feel additional stress include:

  • The holiday season 
  • Back to school time
  • The anniversary of a death or other difficult time
  • Fall and winter seasons (less sunlight)
  • Tax season 
  • Birthdays 

When faced with occasional stress it can feel overwhelming, but it’s part of life. Good lifestyle habits and nutrition, such as exercising regularly, not smoking, and eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables can help manage stress. Supplements can also help.* 

Nutrients that support occasional stress 

GABA: Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) is a neurotransmitter – a chemical messenger in your body that delivers messages between nerve cells. This is what your body uses to respond to the information it receives. GABA can help calm occasional feelings of stress and it is available in supplement form.* It also helps restore mental calmness and relaxes the mind.*  GABA is known for its importance in nervous system functioning.* 

Lemon balm: This perennial herbaceous plant from the mint family has small white flowers that bloom in the summer throughout southern Europe and central Asia. Lemon balm leaves have a mild lemon and mint aroma. For wellness, lemon balm has been traditionally used for thousands of years to help with occasional mental stress.*^ Furthermore, lemon balm provides its traditional benefits by reducing the breakdown of GABA, which in turn facilitates GABA’s benefits.* 

^Traditional use claims are based on historical or traditional practices. Lemon balm use dates back to Ancient Greek and Roman times for a variety of uses including for its calming properties.

Passionflower: Passionflower is a perennial creeping vine. It has been traditionally used for its soothing and calming properties dating back to the ancient Aztecs.* It was also traditionally used for occasional stress support.* 

Puritan’s Pride Stress and Relaxation Complex contains passionflower, lemon balm, and GABA in one convenient supplement. Our supplement includes a form of lemon balm known as Cyracos®, which is standardized for active components to help deliver its benefits.* 

Cyracos® is a trademark of Naturex SA.

If you are concerned about the stress in your life, it is important to discuss it with a doctor. They may order a stress test and ask a series of questions to evaluate perceived stressors in your life. Plus, you can ask if Stress and Relaxation Complex is a supplement that fits into your routine for times of occasional stress.*