3 Key Benefits of Powder Supplements

by Melissa Chichester

If you take supplements, you know they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From tiny tablets that quickly dissolve, to gummy vitamins, to regular capsules, there is truly something for everyone. However, not all people have the ability to swallow softgels, capsules, or tablets. That’s just one of the benefits of powder supplements. 

Powder supplements are growing in popularity right now for a few key reasons:

  • They’re easy to take
  • They can be mixed with food 
  • The body absorbs them faster 

A good example of all three of these benefits is protein powder. Protein powder can be mixed into a delicious drink that tastes like a milkshake all on its own, or it can be blended into a smoothie. When you drink it, your body can use the protein faster. 

How to prepare powder supplements 

Most powder supplements are designed to be mixed with a glass of water or juice. However, you can do a lot more with them when you get creative in the kitchen. Many powder supplements can be used in baked goods, soups, stews, smoothies, and even as a garnish on salads and prepared vegetables. Here are a few recipes you can try:

Powder supplements to know 

Powder supplements can help you incorporate key nutrients into your diet. Here are some of the top powder supplements from Puritan’s Pride. 

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Beet Root Powder 

Beet root powder supplements can help you get the benefits of beets. This is especially helpful if you don’t like to eat beets in your diet.

Triple Magnesium Powder

It’s easier than ever to get the magnesium you need with this powder supplement. Magnesium is important for calcium regulation.* Magnesium also supports bone health.* Furthermore, adequate magnesium intake is needed to support the contraction and relaxation of muscles.* It also helps with leg cramps. * Leg cramps can occur occasionally among adults with inadequate intake.* Triple Magnesium Powder makes it easy to get the magnesium you need daily.

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powder protein supplement

Brewer’s Yeast 

Did you know that brewer’s yeast is a source of Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, and Folate? It is also used to make bread and beer. Brewer’s yeast is a powdered nutritional supplement as well. Some people even use this powdered supplement to make special seasonings for popcorn, soup, and more. 

Collagen Peptides Powder Type I & III

Collagen is a protein that is found everywhere in your body. It makes up the majority of your skin’s composition. Skin collagen decreases with age. A powder collagen supplement like Collagen Peptides Powder Type I & III provides key amino acids, important for bones, joints, and skin.

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L-Glutamine Powder 

L-glutamine is an amino acid. The body can make glutamine but in times of metabolic stress, such as intense training and exercise, supplemental glutamine may be needed. L- glutamine acts as cellular fuel to provide you with fuel for your workout and support protein metabolism.* It’s easy to replenish these levels after a workout with an l-glutamine powder supplement.

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Protein Powder

It wouldn’t be a list of powder supplements without protein powder! These supplements are made when protein from different sources has been extracted and concentrated. Most of the time, protein powder is made with whey. However, you can learn about whey protein and six other types of protein here, including pea, hemp, and egg protein. 

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Green Source Life’s Greens Superfood Powder 

This green powder supplement easily mixes into smoothies and other foods and contains more than 35 active ingredients. That includes greens such as algae, grasses, astragalus, parsley, aloe vera, barley, and green tea.

Have you tried powder supplements yet? It’s important to speak with your doctor before trying a new supplement. And if you don’t like to swallow pills, powder supplements can help you receive some of the nutrients you need daily.