5 Liquid Supplements to Know

by Melissa Chichester

Have trouble swallowing capsules, tablets, and softgels?

The good news is many of today’s vital nutrients are available in a convenient liquid form so you can still reap their benefits. 

Here are 5 liquid supplements that might be a good fit for you depending on your needs.

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Vitamin C

Vitamin C supports immune health and upper respiratory health.* It is also necessary for the production of collagen, an important type of connective tissue.* Collagen creates the structural framework of the skin to promote skin integrity, helping to effectively keep unwanted substances from entering the body.

Liquid Vitamin C supplies an excellent source of this nutrient that easily blends with orange juice or water. 

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that many people have trouble getting daily. It is hard to get enough Vitamin D from foods, and most people rely on the stimulation of Vitamin D production that happens in the skin upon sun exposure.

This is an issue because Vitamin D supports the immune system.* It also plays a role in skin and barrier function, the function and movement of immune cells, and the normal functioning of T-cells and B cells.* And when it comes to bone health, Vitamin D is involved in calcium absorption.*

Luckily, Liquid Vitamin D makes it easy to get more of this nutrient without pills to swallow. 

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Liquid Vitamin B-12

There are several B vitamins that we need to thrive – and one of the most well-known of the B complex group is Vitamin B-12, which supports energy metabolism.*  Furthermore, B-12 is needed for the development and regeneration of red blood cells.* It also contributes to nervous system health and circulatory health – and helps maintain cellular energy levels by converting food into energy.* 

Your body cannot make Vitamin B-12 on its own, so it is essential to get your daily intake from food or supplements when the diet isn’t enough. 

trouble sleeping melatonin

Liquid Melatonin

Melatonin is a hormone responsible for supporting the sleep-wake cycle.* It is present in animals and humans. The production and release of melatonin in the body is designed to fall in the morning and increase in the evening.

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The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) notes that studies suggest melatonin is useful for supporting sound sleep.* It helps with occasional sleeplessness, including when related to jet lag and daylight savings time.* Blue light from electronics can also impact melatonin levels. 

Melatonin is useful for those experiencing occasional sleeplessness who want to improve their quality of rest.*

Liquid melatonin is available in two doses from Puritan’s Pride:

Liquid Elderberry 

Elderberry also has been traditionally used for immune support.* Unfortunately, these dark reddish-purple berries cannot be eaten raw and need to be cooked or processed before consumption. 

Liquid elderberry makes it easier to receive its benefits. Puritan’s Pride Organic Elderberry Liquid with Vitamin C combines the traditional benefits of elderberry with Vitamin C, an essential vitamin for the immune system.* 

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Liquid supplement benefits  

Besides being easier to swallow, liquid supplements have other benefits. 
These benefits include:

  • Better tasting
  • Easier to modify for your needs, especially when working with a doctor

What to look for in liquid supplements 

While shopping for liquid supplements, it is important to look for certain features on the bottle. Always make sure you are purchasing from a brand that you trust. In addition, look for how the supplement is packaged. Liquid supplements should be housed in a dark bottle or one that you cannot see through to protect the integrity of the nutrients inside. 

And don’t forget – always talk to your doctor before taking any supplements to make sure it’s the right fit for your needs.