5 Ways to Save Money on Vitamins and Supplements

by Melissa Chichester

Most of us are concerned about how to save money on many of life’s essentials, and that includes vitamins and supplements.

You might be wondering if it is even possible to save money on supplements when there are so many options. The local drugstore might be running a sale, but is it even worth the drive to save? What online retailer should I shop from? might be another question running through your mind (we can’t help but be a little biased on this one). No matter where you are shopping for vitamins and supplements, there are tips and tricks to save and get the most nutrition for your hard-earned pennies!

Use coupons and rewards

If you are shopping online or in person, look for a coupon before making your purchase. Most wellness retailers periodically run sales for 20%, or buy one, get one free (or half off). In addition, there are many shopping clubs that offer rewards simply for shopping, where you can earn rewards points to cash in for gift cards or receive a percentage of cash back on your purchase (MyPoints, Shop Your Way, Rakuten).

Speak with your doctor

Depending on your health and wellness history, you may be eligible to receive certain vitamins through your insurance or at a reduced rate. For example, pregnant women are often eligible for free prenatal supplements to nourish their bodies during an important time of growth.

Don’t stock up just yet

If you see a deal on vitamins that you think can’t be matched, it is tempting to buy every bottle you possibly can. This is especially tempting on supplements that are more expensive. In the long run, it is a lot more cost effective to try out the supplement first to avoid wasting money on it if it doesn’t work out for your wellness routine. Stock up after you know it is a good fit.

Test out samples and trial sizes If you don’t know how your body will respond to a supplement, seek out trial sizes or a sample to test out first. This will also help you determine whether or not the size is appropriate for you to swallow or if the taste is something you can handle.

Research the company

The price range of vitamins and supplements varies widely from company to company.

By researching the company you want to buy supplements from, you can learn a lot about their history, manufacturing practices, and how nutrients are sourced.

Knowing this background also provides insight as to why a price point is what it is. High prices don’t always equal high quality, and low prices don’t always mean poor quality. Product reviews are another piece of researching to complete that provide insight into the quality of your purchase, which can play a large role in effectively spending your supplement budget.