Lifestyle Tips for Summer Respiratory Support

by Melissa Chichester

Does breathing seem more difficult in the summer months? 

You’re not alone. 

During the summer months, sweltering heat and humidity can make anyone breathe a little harder. And research has shown summer air quality is a factor. 

Piedmont Healthcare states longer days and more intense sun exposure compromises the air we breathe.

Furthermore, The American Lung Association notes that the summer months can be more challenging for respiratory support.

So what can we do to support respiratory health in the summer? Here are three lifestyle tips that may help. 

Stay cool 

If you need to be outside, take steps to stay cool. Some of the easiest ways to maintain a comfortable temperature are:

  • Using a fan 
  • Wearing a hat
  • Hang out in the shade
  • Using an air conditioner 

Check your air filters

Are the air filters in your home clean? Do they need to be replaced? Air filters are made to keep the air in your home clean. However, when they get clogged up, you can be exposed to more environmental irritants. Check all air filters at home, including vacuum air filters. 

Talk to your doctor 

Your doctor may have additional respiratory support tips. It’s important to keep your doctor informed of all your health goals to help you feel your best.

Two potent respiratory support formulas 

Some supplements do support respiratory health throughout the seasons.* This includes Puritan’s Pride® Respiratory Support Formula + Vitamin C. This unique formula includes quail egg powder, which supports healthy sinus and nasal function, as well as a normal response to environmental irritants.* 

In addition, Vitamin C helps maintain a healthy immune system.* It plays an important role in the functioning of white blood cells and also supports upper respiratory health.* 

The Puritan’s Pride® All Day Immune Ester C® Softgels provides 24-hour immune support and upper respiratory health support.* Ester-C® is a non-acidic form of Vitamin C that has been clinically studied. In addition, this targeted formula includes eight other essential vitamins, minerals, and herbs – and Vitamins D & A plus zinc help maintain a healthy immune system.* 

Always discuss taking new supplements with your personal physician so you can get care based on your needs.