The Benefits of Healthy Snacking

by The Puritan's Pride Editorial Team

Have you ever been told to avoid snacking in order to not “spoil” your appetite?

As it turns out, grabbing a healthy snack in between meals is healthier than once previously thought. Here’s why you need a healthy snack:

Getting your nutrients – We don’t always have the opportunity to eat full balanced meals. Snacking gives us the opportunity to add those extra nutrients that you may have missed when you grabbed breakfast or lunch “on the go.” Just be sure to choose NUTRITIOUS options like a handful of nuts, a calcium-rich container of yogurt, or a bag of veggies.

Controlling your weight – Snacking at regular intervals keeps your metabolism at a steady pace. Registered dietician Keri Glassman, the author of The Snack Factor Diet, writes that “food is the fuel you throw into the fire to keep it burning strong. For some people that means stoking it every 2½ hours; for others, it’s every 3½ hours.”

It lifts your mood – Getting too hungry between meals leads to irritability.  Whether it’s from hunger or just a slight dip in my blood sugar levels, a good snack can keep many of us more pleasant to be around!

You wouldn’t leave the house without your keys, so why leave without a snack packed in your handbag or briefcase?

By being prepared, you won’t be apt to grab foods that are counterproductive like a donut or a candy bar.

Nutritious snack choices: