New Year, New Habits: 5 Healthy Promises to Keep in 2020

by Melissa Chichester

The new year is almost here! Like many others, you might be considering turning over a new leaf and committing to better lifestyle habits. A study by the University of Scranton revealed that only eight percent of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions. That’s why at Puritan’s Pride, we are proposing something a little different than your typical resolutions.

Simply commit to being a better you. Be kind to yourself. Honor the healthy changes that you have already made while renewing the promise to continue that healthy journey. Most important, stop beating yourself up along the way. This New Year’s, we want to help you be your best self with ideas for healthy, sustainable habits. Whether you stick with one, dabble in all of them, or just try something new, you are making an important commitment to yourself and your well-being. 

Seek stress relief

If you can’t get rid of stress, make 2020 your year of finally conquering the stress monster, whether it is through diet, exercise, or other calming methods. So many people say they don’t have time for it, but stress-reduction is an essential tool to recharge your body, mind, and spirit. Without relaxing, the effects of stress will continue to impact your body in a negative way. We have a couple of ideas below. 


No needles here! Acupressure sounds like “acupuncture,” but it does not involve any needles. Instead, acupressure uses the same points on the body as acupuncture through massage. The pressure is applied using traditional Chinese philosophies to target various trigger points on your body. The result is a deeply relaxing experience that helps relieve tension and stress and relaxes the muscles. If you are not comfortable with acupressure from a massage therapist, there are many tools, such as pillows and mats, that are made with acupressure points. This allows you to practice at home. 

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Herbal stress support

If you need stress support, consider an adaptogenic herb. Ashwagandha is an herb that has been used for centuries its adaptogenic qualities.* Adaptogens are compounds that help deal with stress.

Ashwagandha is known for supporting well-being and provides occasional stress and anxiety support.*

Our ashwagandha herb is formulated with KSM-66, is a trademarked, high-concentration Ashwagandha extract to help you unwind.*  

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couple cooking breakfast

Prioritize breakfast 

Do you skip breakfast? According to Rush University Medical Center, when you skip breakfast, your body interprets that as a message to conserve calories instead of burning them. Starting your day with a nutritious meal may help you snack less during the day and help you make better choices during meals.

In addition, breakfast helps manage a healthy appetite for later in the day, ensuring you are not ravenous later, which can trigger unhealthy eating habits, such as binge eating. Plus, when you eat a nutritious breakfast, you are taking in more of the important nutrients you need, including fiber, vitamins, and minerals. 

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Find an exercise that you like

Do you think of exercise as something that you have to do but don’t want to do? It’s time to shift that mindset and find a workout activity that you truly enjoy. Not everyone wants to spend an hour on the treadmill or 30 minutes of pumping iron. What do you like to do? Here’s a list of ideas that are so fun it won’t even seem like you’re working out: 

  • Jumping rope
  • Swimming or water aerobics
  • Ice skating or rollerblading 
  • Zumba class 
  • Hip-hop, swing, or modern dance classes
  • Yoga class with friends 
  • Walking dogs at a local pound 
  • Gardening 
  • Cycling
  • Trampoline 
  • Intramural sports (e.g. basketball, softball)
  • Golf 
  • Hiking
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Horseback riding
  • Martial arts 
  • Kayaking
  • Paddleboarding 
  • Barre workout 

When it comes to exercise, there is truly something for everyone! 

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Schedule a checkup

Have you been putting off going to the doctor, dentist, or getting a specific screening done? Make a resolution to get caught up on the screenings you need that depends on your age, gender, and health history. 

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Seek sound slumber

Sleep deprivation doesn’t just affect your mood the next day. If your body is deprived of sleep for too long, it can have many negative effects, including memory problems, confusion, mood problems, and it poses safety risks. Take sleep health seriously in 2020 and commit to getting at least seven hours of sleep per night. If you need help for occasional sleeplessness, consider a melatonin supplement.*

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This might seem like a lot of information or a lot to do at once, but know that you don’t have to do all of these things. Maybe you have no problem sleeping but missed your last dentist appointment. Maybe you just had your eyes checked and eat breakfast every day, but can’t seem to find an exercise you like. No matter what stage of your wellness journey you are in, there is always something you can do to be kinder to yourself.