Pumpkin Spice Overnight Oats Recipe

by Melissa Chichester

Problem: no time for breakfast.

Don’t worry; we all skip breakfast sometimes, but that may lead to feeling hungrier later on and as a result overeating at lunch. Skipping breakfast can also lower the ability to concentrate, and lead to low blood sugar, which causes weakness and dizziness. Not only that, skipping breakfast can simply flat out make someone cranky. Give these overnight oats a whirl, and make your mornings easier!



In a small bowl, mix oats, maple syrup, pumpkin pie spice, cashew milk, vanilla extract, and chia seeds until combined. Add almond butter and stir again, making sure that all of the oats are absorbed by milk. Cover with plastic wrap or transfer to an airtight container, like a mason jar. Leave in the refrigerator overnight (at least 6 hours).

Enjoy cold with toppings, or warm them up in the microwave for one minute.

Makes one serving (double for two).