What Is Mushroom Coffee?

by Melissa Chichester

Every so often, coffee gets a trendy makeover. 

From collagen coffee to bulletproof coffee to new seasonal flavors, there’s always something brewing with the world’s go-to beverage. And right now, mushroom coffee is finding its way into mugs more than ever. 

Don’t worry – mushroom coffee isn’t a steaming cup of joe with mushrooms floating on top. Mushroom coffee is a smooth blend of ground mushrooms or mushroom extracts combined with coffee. The result is a dark, bold, and nutty taste – and wellness benefits. 

Where did mushroom coffee come from? 

Surprisingly, mushroom coffee is not new. Mushrooms have been used for centuries for wellness in China and Japan. However, their use in coffee originated in Finland during World War II. When there was a global coffee shortage due to the war, the Finns got innovative and used chaga mushrooms as a substitute for coffee. Today, there are many mushroom and coffee blends available so we can take advantage of both. 

What kind of mushrooms are used in mushroom coffee?

The same types of mushrooms are used in mushroom coffee that are used in mushroom supplements. This includes:

  • Reishi
  • Cordyceps
  • Lion’s mane
  • Chaga

These mushrooms have been used in traditional health practices for thousands of years to support general wellness.*

How to make mushroom coffee

Mushroom coffee can be prepared in many ways. For starters, you can purchase a premade blend of coffee and mushrooms. These are typically made with dehydrated mushrooms. They’re finely ground and mixed in with coffee beans. Some coffee-mushroom blends may also be made with mushroom extracts. 

Another way to make mushroom coffee is by blending a scoop of mushroom powder with your daily cup of coffee. You can add what you usually use as well to enhance the taste, such as a splash of almond milk or creamer.

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Mushroom supplements 

If you don’t like eating mushrooms and don’t want to drink mushroom coffee – but still want to incorporate mushrooms into your diet – there are several mushroom supplements available. 

Overall, the best way to get the benefits of these nutritious fungi is to incorporate them as part of a balanced diet.