The Link Between Sleep and Immune Health 

by Melissa Chichester

When we don’t have time to get it all done, we often decide to cut back on sleep. The problem with this is less sleep has a negative impact on the immune system. 

The Department of Health and Human Services recommends adults between 18 and 60 sleep seven hours or more per night. At age 61 and above, it’s recommended to get between seven and nine hours per night. Unfortunately, many adults sleep less than this. 

Adequate sleep is a key component of a healthy wellness routine that is closely linked to immune health. While you sleep, your body is hard at work. 

Some of the biological processes that happen while you sleep include repairing cells, tissues, and muscles and restoring your energy. Plus, sleep has a deep connection to the immune system.

The sleep-immune system connection

Sleep plays a pivotal role in the immune response. It helps our bodies maintain overall health by supporting the immune system’s critical functions, like the essential role in phagocytosis and disposal of aging red blood cells or otherwise damaged cells. Inadequate sleep can affect the immune system and its ability to do its job optimally. 

Tips for improving sleep to support immune health 

Improving sleep can support your immune system in addition to many other vital functions. Here are some simple tips to prioritize sleep. 

  • Maintain a regular sleep routine, ensuring you get a sufficient number of hours of quality sleep each night, at least 7 hours.
  • Make your bedroom a peaceful sanctuary free from distractions for optimal rest. Ditch the screens to ensure the room is dark and promotes deep sleep.
  • Reduce stress. Unmanaged stress can disrupt sleep patterns and compromise immune function. Incorporate stress management techniques in the evening to support rest.
  • Limit caffeine and alcohol intake and avoid heavy meals before bedtime. This will help your body know it’s time to wind down.

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Supplements and sleep health 

Supplements can also support sleep and immune health – and one supplement makes it easier than ever. 

Puritan’s Pride Immune + Sleep

Puritan’s Pride Immune + Sleep contains key ingredients to support overall health and vitality.* Vitamin C is important for the functioning of white blood cells, which are vital components of the immune system.* Vitamin C is a leading vitamin that supports immune system health.* 

In addition, Shoden® Ashwagandha helps to activate immune cells to support a normal immune response.* It supports the activation of factors involved in the innate and adaptive immune response.* This form of ashwagandha also promotes sleep quality, so you can enjoy restorative and long-lasting sleep.* It also helps with morning alertness and occasional sleeplessness over time when taken consistently.* 

Puritan’s Pride Immune + Sleep also includes echinacea, a traditional, flowering herb that has been used by Native Americans of the Great Plains for centuries. If you’re looking for immune system support and a supplement to help you get restful sleep, Puritan’s Pride Immune + Sleep may help.*

Shoden® is a registered trademark of Arjuna Natural Pvt. Ltd.

It’s important to remember sleep is an essential investment in your health and well-being. It isn’t a luxury, but a necessity! 

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.