9 Hot Health Trends Coming in 2020

by Melissa Chichester

The new year is almost here, and we want to make sure you have the scoop on the hottest health, wellness, and food trends as we enter 2020. Let’s make this new decade the best yet, and learn more about what awaits so you can get in on what is going to hit the shelves, and virtual shelves, in the months to come!

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Liquid supplements

Do you find it difficult to swallow pills, chew on chalky tablets, or not like the texture of gummy vitamins? If so, liquid supplements are trending and expected to grow in 2020. At Puritan’s Pride, we love liquid supplements because they are easy to take alone or when mixed into water, juice, smoothies, and even foods such as salad dressings and soups. 

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They made the list last year, and they made the list this year. Probiotics are here to stay! Learn more about their benefits in our probiotics library:


BCAAs, or branched-chain amino acids, are found in protein-rich foods including eggs, dairy products, and meat. But they are also one of the most popular dietary supplements for athletes and bodybuilders.

Branched Chain Amino Acids are designed to help support protein metabolism in muscle tissue.*

In addition, BCAAs are directly involved in protein synthesis at the genetic level.*


Health-conscious consumers are thinking about what they put into their bodies, and that means many people are skipping the alcohol and mixing mocktails. Did you know mocktails arose to popularity in the 1980s? Touted as a treat for all ages, mocktails can be made with an array of ingredients and customized to your healthy lifestyle.

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Collagen is a protein that plays a role in the health of skin and joints.* Collagen makes up a whopping 70% of our skin’s composition, and it is the most abundant protein that the body provides! It is present in connective tissues to support joint comfort, helping us to stay active.* 

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Mushrooms are making a comeback again in 2020, and the mighty maitake does not stand alone. Don’t miss mighty maitake and five other exotic mushrooms that are popular nutritional supplements. 

Breathing apps

Apps give people better access to health and wellness practices, and one of them that has skyrocketed is breathing apps.

Breathing techniques can help calm the mind, sustain energy, and improve moods.

They can also help you unwind after a long day, and they are easy to fit into your routine with the convenience of your favorite breathwork app. 

DNA testing

More and more people are turning to ancestry and DNA testing to learn more about what their genes can tell them about their health. There are many companies on the market that promise to unlock clues about your health; however, if you want to know more about DNA testing for healthful purposes, it is best to discuss it with your doctor. 

Wearable technology

The American College of Sports Medicine interviewed more than 3,000 fitness and health experts for the “Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2020” and found that ALL interviewees said that wearable technology will be a top fitness trend next year. With millions of Americans already monitoring their heart rate, calories, exercise, sleep quality, and daily steps using wearable technology, it isn’t hard to understand why Google purchased FitBit for 2.1 billion dollars this year.