16 Surprising Things You Can Buy with Your HSA

by Melissa Chichester

Like many people with health savings accounts (HSAs), you might have some extra money to spend at the end of the year and are wondering how you will spend it.

Or maybe you don’t know what your HSA covers besides doctor visits, checkups, and glasses. 

The terms of an HSA will vary between individual plans. It is important to know the terms and conditions of your plan, and how you can use your plan.

There are many daily health and wellness items and procedures that you can use your HSA to purchase, some of which you may not even know about. Some expenses are only eligible with a valid prescription or letter from your doctor, but knowing about what is available may help save you money.

Acne treatment

Acne can be a painful and irritating skin condition. An HSA covers items that help improve the condition of acne, including light therapy and medicated skin care products.

Sleep studies

Is your sleep not what it used to be, constantly disrupted, or you don’t feel rested? You can use your HSA to participate in a sleep study that will help you evaluate why you aren’t sleeping, underlying causes of sleep issues, and ultimately help get the rest you deserve. 

Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage is often recommended by physicians to relieve pain or treat a specific trauma or injury that has occurred. This is something that your HSA will cover when working with your healthcare practitioner. 

Woman getting new dentures


Did you know that in addition to dentures being covered by your HSA, denture care items are also included? You can use your HSA to purchase denture cleaning kits, adhesives, repair kits, and more. 


Some complementary and alternative health services, such as acupuncture, are covered by your HSA. Learn more about what to expect at your first acupuncture visit


Crutches are an important tool for risk-management after injury or surgery. You might even need them for occasional assistance. If you find yourself needing crutches, an HSA will cover them.


Sunscreen is essential to shield yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. You can purchase sunscreen for your entire family by using your HSA. 

Fertility assistance

Have you been trying to have a baby, but without luck? This is a painful time of life for many couples, and anyone who has gone through it knows that fertility treatment costs add up quickly. An HSA can help with these costs. This even includes embryo, egg, and sperm storage fees.


Everyone needs help sometimes, and it is nothing to feel ashamed about. If you feel the need to seek therapy or counseling, it should be discussed with your healthcare practitioner to develop a plan of action. If counseling is recommended, your HSA will be there to assist with costs. 

Woman wearing a hearing aid reading a book

Hearing aids

Hearing loss occurs with age, sudden trauma, and some diseases. Because this is a safety and health concern, your HSA covers hearing aids, cleaning supplies, and batteries.

Vitamins and supplements 

Not all vitamins and supplements are covered by HSAs; however, some are. Glucosamine and prenatal vitamins are two supplements that are covered. If there are other supplements you want to explore, you may need a prescription from your healthcare practitioner and review the terms of your HSA. 

Heating pads

Heating pads help soothe muscles, aches, and provide therapeutic benefits. This is something that your HSA may cover to support your body.

Addiction services

Fees, meals, and lodging for inpatient addiction treatment are HSA-eligible. 

Diabetic supplies

Diabetic care supplies, including glucose tablets, insulin needles, test strips, and monitoring systems are only some of the items your HSA covers if you have diabetes. 

Postnatal supplies

Breast pumps, baby monitors, thermometers, nose and ear cleaner, and breastmilk storage bags are some of the postnatal supplies that you can use your HSA to purchase. 


Look in any medicine cabinet, and you will likely find Band-Aids! This essential product, although typically cost-effective, is eligible for purchase with an HSA. 

If you are unsure about how your health savings account works, it is essential to discuss it with your provider. By knowing the terms of your plan, you can support your health with all that is covered. Plus, you can even order some items online. 

There are thousands of items eligible at the HSA Store. While some items require a prescription, many are ready-to-purchase.