The Perks of Enlisting an Accountability Buddy

by Melissa Chichester

Does it ever feel like you are alone on your journey to live a healthy and active life?

It’s easy to let the actions of others influence our habits, especially during the holiday season and other celebratory events. Whether it is a family member who would rather watch TV than go for an invigorating walk or a co-worker who brings in tempting baked goods daily, keeping tabs on your health isn’t easy. But it is worth it! Finding an accountability buddy, someone who supports your journey 100 percent, can make maintaining a healthy lifestyle a lot easier! What can an accountability buddy do for you? Find out below!


It’s hard to be your own personal cheerleader, isn’t it? Sometimes you need someone to remind you of the bigger goal. Sure, it might already be in your head, but hearing a reminder from someone you trust helps you to stay focused and inspired! They may also remind you to eat your vegetables, drink your water, and to take your vitamins when you forget.

Emotional support

Life gets the best of us sometimes. It is easy and very tempting to veer out of a healthy lifestyle when times are tough. Maybe you want to skip a workout or binge on pizza during a movie. We all get tempted by creature comforts!

An accountability buddy who is there to listen to you vent during these challenges can provide valuable emotional support along the way.

You might even need your accountability buddy to lend a shoulder to cry on. Healthy living is tough sometimes!

Honest feedback

A good accountability buddy isn’t going to coddle you. When you get off track, they will tell you! If you missed a week of workouts and lost some fitness stamina, an accountability buddy will gently remind you of your “why.” The feedback isn’t meant to hurt, but instead motivate you to keep your eyes on the prize (and out of that quickly dwindling pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream).

Personal awareness

When you’re at work, does what your boss thinks about you influence your output? It’s the same concept with an accountability buddy. When you have an accountability buddy, you will be aware that they have your back! Having an accountability buddy will help you to set attainable and sustainable goals while keeping your intentions in check.


An accountability buddy isn’t only about giving tough love. They need to be a person that you trust, care about, and can have fun with! A good accountability buddy will have the same goals that you have. It isn’t a one-way street. As your friend motivates you to keep up with your healthy lifestyle and goals, you provide the same thing in return! This relationship will turn into one of trust and friendship. If your accountability buddy is someone you already have a friendship with, then that’s even better! This person will celebrate your successes with you, discover new recipes with you, and workout with you. Living a healthy lifestyle is much easier to take on, and a lot more fun, when you have someone to support you along the way.