8 Lifestyle Choices to Support Comfortable Joints

by Melissa Chichester

With age comes wisdom, and sometimes that means the wisdom to admit joints may not feel as lubricated as they used to be. While joint health supplements may play a role in the maintenance of healthy joints, there are other lifestyle actions and choices that can help support your joints and maintain optimal flexibility.

Pay attention to pain

Does something feel uncomfortable, and is it lingering? It might be time to take that pain to the doctor and see what is really going on.

Balance activity

Low-impact activities, like swimming and yoga, are gentler on joints compared to high-intensity workouts. Golf and walking are other options depending on mobility levels.

Practice your range of motion

To stay flexible and exercise joints, bending and rotating through the full range of motions to the best of your ability helps preserve and maintain the current range of motion.

Maintain a healthy weight

Easier said than done, but excess body weight adds stress to joints. Even a 10-pound loss has a significant impact on joint health.

Don’t overdo activities

If you’re getting back into exercise after a break, don’t do too much too soon. Your joints aren’t used to it, and you may cause injury.

Ice it

Icing sore joints is a free way to relieve swelling and dull pain. It is a great drug-free way to maintain comfort!

Eat a healthy diet

Eating right ensures joints get the nutrients they need to be strong, like calcium and Vitamin D.

Improve your posture

Standing and sitting up straight puts less stress on joints by working core muscles.