Building Strong Foundations: 5 Exercises for Healthy Bones and Joints 

by Natalie Meriwether, BSN

The importance of bone and joint health as we age

Exercising regularly is important for all aspects of health and may support the maintenance of healthy bones and joints throughout all stages of life. As we age, it’s important to continue to include healthy exercise habits in your wellness routine. 

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5 exercises to help support bone and joint health 

Walking: According to the National Institutes of Health, to maintain the health of your bones and joints, it is essential to regularly work and strengthen them. Weight-bearing exercises, such as walking, apply force and pressure on the bones and joints, causing them to exert more effort. Low-impact cardiovascular exercises such as walking can be done by those of most ages and fitness levels.  

Tennis: Tennis and other racket sports are also great weight-bearing exercises and are more intense than walking if you can safely participate. Tennis also requires balance and coordination which can help reduce the risk of fall-related injuries.  

Weightlifting: According to the National Institutes of Health, resistance training like weightlifting works your muscles and places strain on your bones and joints causing them to work harder and become stronger. Free weights, body weight, and weight machines are all great options when it comes to resistance training. Be sure to use caution and avoid using weights that are too heavy.  

Yoga: Yoga is excellent practice for both your body and soul. Yoga can improve balance, flexibility, and strength which are important for mobility as we age. Yoga also promotes relaxation for a calmer mind and body. 

Cycling: Cycling is a great aerobic exercise that may help support lower body mobility and joint comfort.1 Opposed to jogging or running, cycling is easier on the joints but can still promote muscle strength, heart rate levels, and endurance.  

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As we age, it’s important to prioritize the maintenance of bone and joint strength, comfort, and mobility. Regularly incorporating weight-bearing exercises, resistance training, and balance exercises can help. Whenever engaging in physical activity, always remember to take it slow, warm up, and learn the correct form and technique.  


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