9 Uses for Orange Essential Oil

by Melissa Chichester

Everybody knows oranges for their unmistakable flavor, but the orange oil that results as a by-product of juice production is quickly gaining popularity in the world of aromatherapy.  Let’s explore the uses of this favorite summer scent.

Fun Facts

Like its close friend lemon, the origins of oranges are unknown, although history suspects they were first cultivated in Southwestern China and Northeastern India around 2500 BC. Through trading, oranges spread to Europe, and on his second voyage across the Atlantic in 1493, Christopher Columbus introduced the Caribbean to orange seeds and seedlings. Twenty years later, Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leónbrought oranges to Florida in 1513. Today, oranges are the most produced citrus crop in the world and they are valued for juice production, food flavoring, and use in perfumery. Orange oil is a by-product of juice production, as the rinds are cold-pressed to extract the oil.

The Scent

In aromatherapy, orange essential oil is traditionally used for its uplifting and energizing qualities.

Here are 9 ways to incorporate orange oil into your aromatherapy routine.

Orange You Glad? Diffuser Blend

Add all oils to your favorite diffuser and experience this refreshing aromatic blend.

Tamiami Trail Linen Spray

In a dark glass jar, combine all ingredients and shake well. Spritz onto blankets, pillows, and sheets to refresh.

Cooling Creamsicle Face Mask

Mix and apply to face. Let sit for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Scum to Sunshine Shower Spray

Add all ingredients to a large spray bottle and shake until mixed. Spray daily onto shower walls after use to maintain cleanliness and combat grime.

Flying to Florida Diffuser Blend

Add oils to your favorite diffuser first thing in the morning for a refreshing pick-me-up.

Smoothing Mint Satsuma Sugar Scrub

Mix all ingredients in a small bowl, and transfer to an airtight, glass container. Massage a small amount onto arms and legs as needed to gently exfoliate, and rinse with warm water.

Mandarin Magic Clearing Face Mask

During your nighttime skincare routine, mix all ingredients and pat onto face after cleansing for overnight hydration.

Namaste All Day Yoga Mat Spray

Combine all ingredients in the jar and gently shake to mix. Spray on yoga mat and wipe dry with a clean towel.

Get Juiced Energizing Massage Oil

Mix all ingredients in a small bowl and rub onto arms and legs as needed.