3 Essential Oil Household Cleaners

by Melissa Chichester

Essential oils have a lot to offer when it comes to household care. They smell great and are easy to mix with other ingredients to create gentle and affordable household cleaners. Here are three recipes to try at home!

All-Purpose Lemon Cleaner

Lemon is a revitalizing, people-pleasing scent associated with cleanliness. With the base of vinegar and soap, surfaces will be sparkling clean!



Add all ingredients to a quart-sized spray bottle and shake to mix. Spray on counters, sinks, and appliances and wipe down.

Sparkling Citrus Toilet Bowl Cleaner

It might be your least favorite chore, but this blend makes toilet clean up easy.



Mix all ingredients in a squeeze bottle. Squirt into toilet bowl and scrub until clean.

All-Purpose Herbal Grime Scrub

Mix up this paste and use it in difficult-to-clean spaces.


Mix all ingredients into a paste. Pour onto the desired surface for cleaning and scrub until the grime is removed. Rinse with warm water to clean.