Strawberry ‘Ice Cream’ Dog Treat Recipe

This homemade ice cream option is more nutritious than your traditional dog treat, and contains beneficial ingredients to support a healthy coat and skin.

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5 Tips for Dealing with Pet Loss

When it is time to say goodbye to a pet, no matter how long their lives have been, it never seems like enough time has been spent with them.

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Understanding and Treating Allergies in Dogs

Why are you obsessively chewing on your paws? Why are you rubbing your ears against the furniture again? Why are your eyes so watery? If you have ever wanted to ask your pet any of these questions, they might be trying to tell you that they are suffering from allergies.

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Ava’s Bark Bulletin: 5 Pawsome Pup Picks

Extra! Extra! Bark all about it! Ava the Chow Chow mix is here to talk about some of her favorite things (with a little help from Mom, veterinary technician Molly Bonacci).

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The Importance of Heartworm Prevention in Pets

Summer is upon us, and with summer comes those pesky mosquitos! What many people don’t realize is that those tiny little bugs can transmit heartworms: foot-long worms that affect the heart, lungs, and blood vessels in pets.

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Emma’s Meow Memo: 5 Ways to Pamper Your Pet

Meet Emma, the cutest, sweetest, and fluffiest cat around (according to her mom, Social Media Assistant Melissa, that is). Emma is here to share five of her meow-worthy feline favorites, and since she turns two years old this month, she knows what she is talking about!

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Sweet Potato Jerky Dog Treat Recipe

If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to overly processed dog treats, this recipe is easy, affordable, and something the pups will love.

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Holiday Food Safety for Pets

We all know that the best part of the holiday season isn’t the presents: it’s all the delicious food that we get to enjoy from Thanksgiving to Christmas and beyond. While we may be tempted to share these culinary delights with our furry companions, not everything that is good to us is good for our pets.

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7 Healthy Choices for Healthy Pets

When was the last time that you required medical attention of some sort? Consider for a moment the multitude of steps that you probably took and the many choices that you made in an effort to resolve your issue. Did you talk to a loved one about the problem? Did you research a potential solution online? Did you consult with your family doctor, drive to your local drugstore to buy medication, or consider lifestyle changes that may help?

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A Day in the Life of a Vet Tech

Getting started in the veterinary field wasn’t planned, but it is definitely right where I belong. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

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