5 Ways to Protect Your Pet from Ticks

Notorious for being difficult to find and remove, ticks can cause serious health problems for pets by spreading diseases, some of which can even be transmitted to humans.

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7 Healthy Choices for Healthy Pets

When was the last time that you required medical attention of some sort? Consider for a moment the multitude of steps that you probably took and the many choices that you made in an effort to resolve your issue. Did you talk to a loved one about the problem? Did you research a potential solution online? Did you consult with your family doctor, drive to your local drugstore to buy medication, or consider lifestyle changes that may help?

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How to Kitten-Proof Your Home

Being naturally curious and playful by nature may have something to do with the old saying that “cats have nine lives.” When bringing a new kitten (or kittens) into the home, it is necessary to do some kitten-proofing to ensure your new feline friend stays safe and healthy.

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