A Beginner’s Guide to Vitamins and Supplements

Meet 5 Popular Options If you browse the web and read news pieces, magazine articles or blog posts on a regular basis, chances are you have come across lots of different opinions about vitamins and supplements. It can be very confusing, especially if you are just introducing yourself to a healthier lifestyle and you’re considering […]

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Your Heart Health Toolbox

5 Nutrients You Should Know If you’re concerned about heart health, and who isn’t these days, then you should know about all the ways you can keep your heart and cardiovascular system healthy and happy. Omega-3 Fish Oil 1200 mg / 100 Softgels Item #013326 shop now A healthy diet and active lifestyle are clearly […]

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Chia: The Tiny Seed with a Punch

How many of us know that besides growing grass-like “hair” on a terra cotta head, Chia seeds are considered to be one of nature’s “super” foods?

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Meet Copper, the Micromineral with Big Impact

What do you know about copper? When you think of copper do you think of a shiny penny or perhaps the pretty green patina of the Statue of Liberty? Perhaps you think of electrical wiring or plumbing. Copper is so much more than an industrial metal or a medium for coins and art. Copper is an essential trace mineral that is imperative to life.

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