Double Berry Antioxidant Trail Mix Recipe

Not too salty and not too sweet, this trail mix has just a touch of each to satisfy those pesky afternoon snack cravings.

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Nut Butters – Spread the Joy

Tasty (and nutritious) Peanut Butter Alternatives Ah, peanut butter, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways – spread on toast, sandwiched between cookies, slathered on celery and dotted with raisins, and of course the iconic lunch box staple, the PB&J sandwich. The ways we enjoy peanut butter are seemingly limitless. But lately […]

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Nutritious Craving Crushers for 3 Snacking Moods

Satisfaction for Your Crunchy, Salty or Sweet Moments Whether you have a serious sweet tooth, crave crunchy treats, or simply swoon over salty snacks, we can help you find a better alternative to suit your munching mood. Setton Farms Dried Vegetable Chips 6 oz Container / Item #037129 shop now Put Down the Potato Chips […]

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Tropical Sunset Trail Mix Recipe

Trail mix is a perfect snack for summer picnics, hikes, or just a regular day at the beach. This trail mix recipe is both savory and sweet!

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