Understanding and Treating Allergies in Dogs

Why are you obsessively chewing on your paws? Why are you rubbing your ears against the furniture again? Why are your eyes so watery? If you have ever wanted to ask your pet any of these questions, they might be trying to tell you that they are suffering from allergies.

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7 Healthy Choices for Healthy Pets

When was the last time that you required medical attention of some sort? Consider for a moment the multitude of steps that you probably took and the many choices that you made in an effort to resolve your issue. Did you talk to a loved one about the problem? Did you research a potential solution online? Did you consult with your family doctor, drive to your local drugstore to buy medication, or consider lifestyle changes that may help?

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Emergency Preparedness with Pets

Disasters and emergencies are usually surprises, leaving us with little time to prepare for the worst. Sometimes these situations may require us to evacuate our homes for a few hours, days, or even permanently. In a time of emergency, health is our most important asset, and the same can be said for our pets. For preparedness, keeping an evacuation pack, or “evac pack” on hand is a proactive way to keep pets healthy and safe in case of emergency.

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