Nutritious Craving Crushers for 3 Snacking Moods

Satisfaction for Your Crunchy, Salty or Sweet Moments Whether you have a serious sweet tooth, crave crunchy treats, or simply swoon over salty snacks, we can help you find a better alternative to suit your munching mood. Setton Farms Dried Vegetable Chips 6 oz Container / Item #037129 shop now Put Down the Potato Chips […]

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Eating for a Better Body Composition

Weight loss is a hot topic this time of year as people are donning their swimsuits and shedding layers to beat the heat by the pool and at the beach. Why is ‘weight loss’ the important topic of conversation rather than body composition? My personal training clients rarely see dramatic weight loss up front because the focus of my training and nutrition is to build lean muscle mass and create a healthy lifestyle.

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