October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month!

October is Adopt-A-Shelter Dog Month, and the employees of Puritan’s Pride are here to share some of their forever home success stories!


John McCarthy- VP, Marketing

Tobuscus (aka Buskie) is a mutt, but we think he is a Coon Hound/Labrador mix. We got him at Northshore Animal League which is based in Long Island, NY.  We do not know the history of the Buskie, but we hear from the shelter and we can tell from his personality that he was abused by his previous owner(s). We have 3 young boys and he likes to wrestle with them and chase them around the house.  He also likes to dig holes in the backyard but given the mess, we put a stop to that!


Tim McComsey- Healthy Perspectives blogger

Zelda is a Greyhound/Min Pin mix. If you ask her she is 4, but 1.5 years old is accurate!  Zelda came from a family in South Dallas that wasn’t treating her very well.  She is fairly small, but can jump as high as a countertop when she wants food.  Zelda gallops when she runs- super, super fast!


Amy Stearns- Inventory Planning Manager

My dog’s name is Trixie. She is a Rottweiler Mix and is about 5 years old now.
She was found tied to a pole with another dog in New Jersey.  Someone contacted a local rescue group to save her.  Trixie was with the rescue group for 4 months before she was able to be adopted. She loves to play ball! It is very rare that the tennis ball is not in her mouth or at our feet with her waiting for us to throw it. Trixie truly is a loveable mush.


Tricia Sheehan- Senior Writer, Web Content

Dixie is a 4-year-old American Foxhound who began life in Georgia, where she was shot by a hunter and surrendered to a shelter when she was just a pup. For the next 4 years, Dixie was transported from shelter to shelter on a long journey northward to New York. When my son and I saw her for the first time, we knew she was destined to be ours. Dixie loves to run and jump over obstacles, so agility training may be in her future. She has been in her forever home for a few months now and so far we have taught her 4 “tricks”, and we’re working on teaching her to play fetch so she can burn off some of her abundant energy.



Melissa Chichester- Social Media Assistant

Sometimes, it’s the dog that picks you. I am a golden retriever person through and through, but five years ago, a sweet little border collie wrapped her paws around my neck and claimed me as hers! In that moment, I knew my life had changed. Quincy was up for adoption in a shelter booth at a pet expo. Although she was only twelve weeks old, she had a rough start to life after being abandoned on a porch. Today, Quincy is a happy and rambunctious gal who can’t get enough play time, and she is the perfect companion for my ten-mile training runs!

Do you have a rescued pet? Share your story in the comments below!

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