Keeping the Peace at Thanksgiving

Keeping the Peace at Thanksgiving

The holiday season is all about gathering as a family, making memories, and sharing meaningful moments with the ones we love — and let’s not forget, eating a delicious meal together! However, for all of this to happen, there’s much planning and hard work to be done.

If you happen to be hosting Thanksgiving for your family this year, you know all too well the sorts of pressures that can come along with wanting to make sure everything turns out just perfect – and this can be a source of serious stress for the entire family. From preparing meals and desserts, to having overnight guests, arranging transportation for travelers, tidying the home or decorating, and making sure everyone is getting along – Thanksgiving can turn into STRESSgiving if you’re feeling unprepared or overwhelmed.

If you’re aiming for a stress-free holiday gathering this year, here are a few tips that should help you plan and enjoy your Thanksgiving celebrations!

Plan Ahead

If you haven’t already written out your shopping lists and gathered up your recipes, take a moment and do that right now. You’ll feel better hitting the grocery stores as early as possible, with a list in hand, so that you’re not scrambling for the last can of dented cranberry sauce on the night before your big meal! Having all of your recipes in one place (write them down if they’re just in your head) can help eliminate any frustrations or forgotten items.

Be Forgiving

Not only of yourself, but of your family. It’s ok if your meal doesn’t turn out perfectly – your family will forgive you. It’s ok if your siblings start to bicker – we’re all human and a gentle reminder ought to do the trick. Know that everyone tends to feel stressed at this time of year, and we could all use a little more forgiveness when it comes out.

Let People Help

Sometimes we have a tendency to want to do everything on our own, or to be Super Mom, or Super Dad, but it’s unnatural for one person to do it all – whether that’s cooking, cleaning, or keeping the kids entertained! If you have guests who are asking to help (and they always will!) just let them. If they offer, they won’t be bothered. And no one likes to see a flustered chef in the kitchen.

Take a Break

If you’re anything like me, you have a hard time stopping working once you’re on a roll. I tend to go and go and go until I’m so exhausted I need to hibernate! If this sounds like you, set a timer (as the turkey cooks, or the pie heats up) and take a moment for a cup of tea, or a quiet moment alone with a relaxing, scented candle. Never feel guilty about taking time for yourself – we ALL need it!

I hope these tips help to create a stress-free environment for your Thanksgiving celebrations this year. Wishing you (and your families) a very happy holiday season!

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