Frederick J. Goodall

Frederick J. Goodall is a writer, a speaker, and a father.

In 2008, he started the popular fatherhood blog, Mocha Dad to chronicle his life as a dad and to counter the negative stereotypes regarding fatherhood. He wanted to give readers a first-hand account of a dad who is intimately involved in his children’s lives. Now he uses the blog to not only capture his experiences, but also to help motivate other men to be more actively engaged and involved with their children, families, and communities.

His articles and essays have been published in numerous magazines, newspapers, and journals such as The Houston Chronicle, Essence, Emerge, Insights, and Folio Weekly. In addition, Goodall is a regular contributor to the websites Your Teen Mag, Mamiverse, and Babble.

Goodall also travels the country speaking on the topics of fatherhood, social media, content creation, and blogging.

Born in Houston, TX, Goodall graduated from Howard University in Washington, D.C. He has been married to his college sweetheart for over 15 years and has three children.

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