Five Tips for Taking Care of Tired Eyes

Taking care of tired eyes

Nobody wants to hear “you look tired today.” Often times hearing this phrase is nothing more than a reflection of the bad habits in our daily lives that show up on our faces, especially in the skin surrounding the eyes.  Skin around the eyes is very delicate– up to ten times thinner than the skin on other areas of the face. This makes it prone to dark circles and redness, which leads to a tired, run-down appearance. Here are five tips for making your eyes look their best.

Be gentle and don’t pull

Pulling and tugging on the skin surrounding the eyes is a big beauty DON’T and may even speed up the natural aging process. When applying makeup or creams, pat and dab them on gently instead of dragging and pulling. Use your ring finger instead of the index finger, because it will have the lightest touch. When removing makeup, dab a little coconut oil onto a cotton pad, press lightly against the eye, and hold for ten seconds. Pressing will avoid any tugging action. Remove the cotton pad and repeat if necessary.

Wear sunscreen under eyes

It’s easy to slather sunscreen all over the body and face but neglect the eye area. Damage from the sun may lead to age spots and wrinkles, and who wants to look older than they already are?!  Luckily, many makeup products, eye creams, and face creams contain SPF, so choose those that best suit your skincare needs.

De-puff tired eyes

Bags under the eyes are easy to take care of with at-home remedies. Thin slices of cucumber wrapped in a thin cloth are an effective and affordable cold compress for the eyes.  You can also soak cotton rounds in cucumber juice and freeze them for eye use, or use cold tea bags. Keeping an eye gel in the refrigerator is another easy way to refresh tired-looking eyes.

Moisturize around the eyes

Although a regular facial moisturizer isn’t harmful for the skin under and around the eyes, using a separate cream for the eyes is beneficial. Hyaluronic acid is found in our skin naturally, but decreases with age. This creates the appearance of dry and thin skin. Using a hyaluronic acid cream around the eyes can help to improve the appearance of lines and firmness.

Take reading breaks

Many of us spend hours per day staring at screens. If you spend the majority of your day looking at the same thing, whether it is a computer screen or papers on a desk, taking periodic breaks allows your eyes the chance to rest and refresh.

What are your favorite ways to keep your eyes looking their best? Do you have any tried and true family traditions passed down from your grandmother or mother? Share your tips and tricks in the comments section below.

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