Tips from Your Pet

Tips from Your Pet

I have a miniature bull-terrier who “lives the life”, and as I was playing with him yesterday I realized that there is so much that we can learn from our furry friends.

Get outside every day – or in my dog’s case 3 or 4 times a day. A little exercise, a leisurely sniff, and some natural vitamin D from the sun all add to both your dog’s health and your own.

Take a cat nap – I’m dealing with menopause sleeplessness, and I remember being up all night with my son when he was a baby. So many of us don’t or CAN’T get a good night’s sleep. Stealing a quick snooze can help refresh you.

Hug someone – be it your hubby, your kids, or your pet, hugs make you (and the person you hug) feel GOOD.

Eat regular meals – Have you ever been late feeding your dog or cat? You’ll be “hounded” ‘til you fill that bowl. Dogs and cats know that they’re hungry and need fuel to keep going. Eating regularly will keep you from binging, keep your blood sugar level, and fuel your body.

Have a treat – We all need a little treat now and then. So splurge.

Drink plenty of fresh water – My dog “tanks” his water bowl all at once like a camel at least twice a day. I’ve never seen him ask for a soft drink! He’s healthier as a result.

But don’t bite the mailman.

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  1. Posted December 18, 2013 at 2:53 pm | Permalink

    Clem is so cute! You know you make great points! Animals live “the life”!

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