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Water: Myths and Realities

Clearly, drinking water is good for us. Our bodies need it in order to stay hydrated, to function properly, and to stay healthy, focused and fit. Unfortunately, a lot of high-dollar marketing revolving around health campaigns and bottled water companies has led us to believe too many water myths.

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Supplementing Your Pet’s Diet

I try to take care of my health as best I can and, since at this point in my life I’m an empty nester, our dog has become an integral part of our little family. It goes without saying that he’s the “other” child and it’s important to me to make certain that he is as healthy as he can be as well.

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Your Recipe for an At-Home Spa Day

I’ve just returned from a fabulous spa vacation at sea! While it was wonderful being primped and pampered in a beautiful setting, it got me thinking that these special occasions needn’t be so special.

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Menopausal Weight Gain

It’s been 20 years since I first began going through menopause. It seems like just yesterday when I was standing by the espresso machine at a local coffee shop, teaching my employees how to tamp and pull the perfect shot of coffee, and found myself covered in sweat. I knew that it wasn’t the high temperature of the steam from the machine; I had been working at that job for years.

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Are You a Stress Eater Like Me?

Every now and then I stop and take a look at my habits. Are they helping me in my quest for better health? Do I look and feel the way I really want to? Have I slid back to my old ways without noticing?

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Update Your Winter Skin Care Routine

Alright, winter is here and now it’s time to think about your skin. Even here in South Florida, there is less humidity in the air, and that means dryness. The lack of moisture (even in the air) can cause our skin to be dry, flaky, pale and simply unattractive.

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I’m a Culture Vulture

Do you remember the days when yogurt was a thin pudding like substance filled with sugar and a bit of fruit? In the past few years, what we used to think of as a healthy snack has gotten a bit more confusing as the buzz has turned to probiotics, prebiotics, and the various cultures that we now are being told are good for our gut.

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5 Fun Ways to Reduce Stress

I’m a totally laid-back type of gal. Everything rolls off my back. I deal with things as they come, and I almost never worry. At least that’s what I tell everyone. But if I am so laid back, what about the following?

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Tips for Healthy Hair

As I sat in the stylist’s chair getting my 5 week cut and color, I turned to my hairdresser, Shana, and asked her point blank, “Why does my hair look so good when I leave, but when I shampoo, condition and style my hair at home, it just lacks the same great ‘just left the salon’ look?”

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Resolution Reboot: Fiber

The saying goes that the road to hell is paved with the best intentions, and I promise you, I really did have the best of them. Increasing my fiber should be easy, right? Instead, it just feels like my one small change has become one big fiber pill. And if I see one more of those horse-sized wafers, I think I’ll scream.

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