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My ‘One Small Change’ Is a Life-Changer

We all know there are things we could and should do for our ‘own good’ to make our lives better. Eating, sleeping, exercising more, being present… it is so easy to say, but when you make a huge list, it can feel overwhelming. For me, breaking it down and tackling one thing at a time allows ‘change’ to feel truly possible for me. That’s why Puritan’s Pride’s commitment to One Small Change really resonated with me.

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Tea for Any Season: 3 Reasons to Drink Up

I live in a world of coffee drinkers. There is a coffee shop on every corner. It is often the main thing I hear people clamor for first thing in the morning, and it comes in so many different varieties that the uninitiated could easily be overwhelmed. I will admit to indulging myself as well (once I figured it all out), but the truth is, I was born in to a tea-drinking family.

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Meatless Monday: Versatile Lime and Honey Shrimp

In our home, family mealtime is incredibly important, but with everyone’s busy schedules, we don’t have a ton of time to prepare a big meal or to sit together for hours. This, however, has not stopped me from attempting to create quick dishes we can enjoy together.

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On the Beauty Front: How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup until I was 14 or 15 years old, and there was so much I didn’t know then. In fact, years later, there is still so much I likely don’t know. However, I have learned a few things along the way. One of them is the importance of cleaning the tools I use to apply my makeup (and not to share those tools).

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Take Advantage of Citrus Season: Add Oranges to Your World

Grocery shopping does not top the list of my favorite things to do, but I’m probably in our local market at least three times a week just for more fresh fruits and vegetables. If you must know, I have to go back every few days just to keep my home stocked with oranges. Each time I buy them, I purchase 15 to 20 at a time. I’m not kidding.

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Create a Spa Experience in Your Home

When was the last day you stopped to take care of yourself? Or better yet, to really spoil yourself? Amidst the craziness that is life – taking care of your families, running our homes and for many of us operating as businesswomen as well, we often let ourselves move to the very bottom of the list.

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My Love of Chocolate: 3 Reasons We Don’t Have to Give It Up

For at least the last three years (and I’m guessing many more), the number-one New Year’s resolution has been some version of lose weight, get fit, or eat healthier. We live in a society that is yo-yo obsessed with fitness, health and appearance. We want to eat healthier, but we love food. We feel better when we exercise, but we are always talking about how busy we are.

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5 Ways to Keep Your Family Active This Winter

By far one of my favorite things to do with my small people is to head outside. Whether we are running, jumping or just enjoying each other in the fresh air, I do love that quality family time and I especially appreciate that the exercise is good for us. But you and I both know the opportunities for this type of family togetherness greatly diminishes as the temperatures drop.

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3 Steps to Healthy Moisturized Winter Skin

Can you feel it? What that drop in temperature is doing to your skin? It seems like it just happened overnight. One day I felt fresh and moisturized and the next, my skin was tight and dry; my hands no longer looking as ‘young’ as they did just hours before.

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5 Superfoods You Should Eat

You have heard the word “superfood,” right? It’s a food that provides the most nutritional value with the least amount of calories. I’m talking about vitamins and minerals, about antioxidants and all the good-for-you stuff that keeps you healthy and strong.

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