6 Tips for Summer Sports Survival

6 Tips for Summer Sports Survival

It is safe to say, I have now spent the equivalent of days on the “Summer Sidelines” watching my small people play one sport or another.  Typically this time of year, they are mainly playing softball and baseball – the most traditional of summer sports, but the frequent rains in the Midwest have pushed both their football and soccer schedules much later in to the warm months.

This makes me a professional at surviving the sports sidelines – as both an active observer and someone who occasionally needs to step in.  Whether you are planning to simply cheer your child on as they do their best, bandage their potential injuries as they happen, or keep the sibling occupied, I’ve done it all.  These are the things you need to survive.

Sunscreen – I have tan lines that would make the most avid farmer jealous.  Sitting in 90+ degree heat as I root for my little shortstops means not only that I need to be protected, but that I need to be ready to reapply as they move from one tournament game to the next.  And, I’m always happy to share with the parents who runs out or forget theirs at home.

Ice packs - As painful as it is, injuries happen.  Both of my kiddos have been hit by a pitch and having the ice packs handy rather than waiting for someone to run to a concession stand can definitely help to calm the child (and, let’s face it – the parent).

Band-aids/First Aid Kit - I have pulled these out more times than I can count….not only for the players, but for the siblings who are playing nearby.  It is comforting to be able to throw a Band-aid on a scraped knee or wounded elbow.

Oranges - You are certainly welcome to pick your favorite snack, but for us, a cold treat packed with some Vitamin C is a great pick-me-up after and in between games. And it always reminds my husband of his own childhood.

Distractions - Both of my kids have become champs at cheering for each other, but it is comforting to have books, toys, etc. that will occupy little ones on a long tournament day.

Chairs - I will admit it – this is strictly for me.  Most bleacher-style seating at public fields doesn’t qualify as ‘comfortable’, so having your own chair as you cheer makes the game that much more enjoyable.

What do you bring with you for Summer Sports Survival?  I’d love to know your tips as there may be something I’ve missed that would make my life that much better!

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