5 Tips for Youthful Hands

by Melissa Chichester

While many of us maintain strict day and nighttime skincare routines for our faces, we are neglecting a very important part of the body that shows our age even sooner than our faces: our hands! Through our hobbies, professions, and daily life, our hands are subjected to many age-accelerating elements that wreak havoc on their delicate skin. Here are five ways to help preserve their youthful appearance.

Wear Sunscreen

As you get older, you may notice age spots (known as liver spots) developing on your hands. The cause of these spots is actually not age, but rather pigment that is the result of prolonged sun exposure. Apply sunscreen to your hands daily to prevent more age spots, and use a spot lightening cream to reduce the appearance of old spots.

Moisturize and Scrub

Dry, dehydrated skin adds years to your appearance, but there is good news: there is a simple fix to achieve younger looking hands. Dead skin prevents treatments from sinking into the skin, so it is important to slough off dead skin with a gentle hand scrub, and use a rich hand cream with antioxidants afterward. When not using a hand scrub, it is important to moisturize hands two to three times daily.

Use Gentle Soap

Washing our hands and washing dishes exposes our hands to soap multiple times per day. Unfortunately, some soaps draw moisture out of our skin. Combined with hot water, it is a recipe for dry skin. Avoid using harsh soaps when possible, and use soaps that are formulated with gentle ingredients like aloe and Vitamin E to prevent dryness.

Wear Gloves

Cleaning and gardening expose our hands to dirt, harsh chemicals in cleaning products, and the elements. Keeping hands covered during these activities will protect your skin from the sun and drying ingredients. Using hand cream before putting on your gloves will lock in extra moisture!

Practice Nail Care

An outdated manicure, jagged nails, and torn cuticles can all lead to hands looking older than necessary. You don’t need the trendiest manicure, but keeping nails neatly filed and polished with a color that is complimentary to your skin tone helps hands look younger. Moisturizing nails and cuticles with argan oil keeps the skin and nails looking plump, youthful, and clean.


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