Beach Ready BINGO

Our Puritan’s Pride Healthy Perspectives blogger, Zipporah Sandler gives you the tips and tricks you’ll need to be ready for the summer sun and fun!

Beach Ready BINGO

Whether you live up in Seattle or down in Miami you know that thermometer is creeping up. Summer is here, and that means shimmying into your bathing suit and getting your toes in the sand.

Yes, it’s time to get BEACH READY.

B – BODY! The first order of business is to tighten and tone that body. Start slowly and don’t overdo it, exercise is a process. Remember to always stretch first and add some weight bearing exercises to your routine for muscle tone.

I – INDULGE in a healthy way. Enjoy a holiday picnic or BBQ and remember it’s easy to eat healthy in the summer with all of the fresh fruits and vegetables available at your neighborhood farm stand. Maintaining a beach ready body is easy, just make healthy choices.

N – NEVER go out in the sun without slathering on the sunscreen. Add a big floppy hat for even more protection. Make sure you have a cover-up on when you walk on the beach as well. Your skin will thank you for it. Remember that the sun can still do damage when it’s hazy or cloudy out.

G – GO shopping for some beach snacks. Don’t forget to bring along lots of water to stay hydrated, along with fun healthy munchies. Keep your cooler full with ready to grab sliced fruit and snacks that replace some of the salt that you’ve lost sweating in the sun.

O – OUTDOORS is where you’ll be spending a LOT more time, so keep your skin looking its best. Make sure to use lotion when you get home from a day of summer fun to cool and moisturize your skin. Aloe vera is great for cooling down the areas that got too much sun.

BINGO! You’re now ready to enjoy a great season!



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