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Nutrition Tips for National Nutrition Month

Every day you have the opportunity to take the steps needed to become the healthiest YOU that you can. Small daily changes can make a big, long-term impact on your body. Add one of these 31 steps into your day each day in the month of March and reap the benefits.

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50 Most Fortified Cities in the USA – Heart Health Edition

Puritan’s Pride posed this question for the residents of the 50 most populated cities in the U.S. – who cares most about their hearts?

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Hide and Seek with Sodium

It’s no secret that packaged foods contain a lot of salt. We understand that salty snacks like chips and pretzels are high in sodium, but how many of us know where to look for hidden salt in our everyday food? Foods we believe to be “good” for us may actually have an enormous amount of hidden sodium.

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Meet Copper, the Micromineral with Big Impact

What do you know about copper? When you think of copper do you think of a shiny penny or perhaps the pretty green patina of the Statue of Liberty? Perhaps you think of electrical wiring or plumbing. Copper is so much more than an industrial metal or a medium for coins and art. Copper is an essential trace mineral that is imperative to life.

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Feasting on Flowers

There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of growing your own food. Fruits, vegetables and fresh herbs are abundant in home gardens this time of year. The next time you head out to harvest your crop of yummy eats, take a second glance at some of the other beneficial treats you may be overlooking right in your own garden.

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Warm Weather Motivation

To help ensure you will reap the benefits of positive change, we’ve asked master fitness trainer and MET-Rx® Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Frank Sepe to share some warm weather training tips that can help jumpstart your fitness journey.

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Chia – The Tiny Seed with a Punch

We all remember that catchy little theme song from the commercials: ch-ch-ch-chia. But, how many of us know that besides growing grass-like “hair” on a terra cotta head, Chia Seeds are considered to be one of nature’s “super” foods?

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Tropical Protein Smoothie

Enjoy this delicious smoothie for breakfast and you’ll kick the day off with a nutritional serving of fruits and vegetables, plus a powerful punch of protein.

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Peppermint Honey Iced Tea

Perfect for spring luncheon or a hot summer day, this not too sweet/not too bitter Peppermint Honey Iced Tea recipe will quench your thirst and refresh your spirits.

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5 Natural Sugar Alternatives

Twenty two teaspoons; that is the amount of sugar the average American adult consumes every day. Twenty two. Does that seem like a lot to you? It certainly sounds like a lot to us. It seems hard to believe that we could possibly eat that much sugar every day, but when you look at the sugar content in the packaged foods we eat every day, it’s easy to see how quickly it adds up.

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