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11 Surprising Uses for Lavender Essential Oil

A staple of any essential oils collection and an aromatherapy favorite, Lavender Oil is the perfect fragrance for springtime or any time.

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11 Surprising Uses For Frankincense Essential Oil

“Our 100% Pure Frankincense Essential Oil is one of our most popular oils, and my personal favorite!” says senior category manager and Puritan’s Pride aromatherapy expert Dawn Lombardi. “I am especially pleased with the high quality of our Frankincense; it’s ‘steam distilled,’ – meaning that a highly-concentrated steam is used to vaporize the oils for the purest aromatherapy experience.”

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Exploring the Coconut Oil Craze

The Benefits of This Beauty Product are More Than Skin Deep Coconut oil has been getting a lot of attention lately, showing up on health and beauty’s hottest trend lists for the past few years. As with all trends, you expect it will blow over. Not so with coconut oil, whose popularity actually seems to […]

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Go “Green” for Spring Cleaning Season

Tips to Help Lighten Up Spring Cleaning Chores It’s finally time to throw open those windows and let the fresh air in. After a long winter, cabin fever has finally gotten the best of us. We’re more than eager to shake off the winter blues, dust off the cobwebs, toss out the junk and give […]

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Celebrating Spring Veggie Season

Enjoy All the Vivid Colors for a More Nutritious Plate With the arrival of spring, supermarkets and farmer’s markets are overflowing with a bright array of vegetables. We’re taking a page from the guidelines often used to encourage children to eat more fruits and veggies – put a rainbow on your plate. Seriously, we are […]

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Discover the Many Extraordinary Benefits of Turmeric**

A Succulent Spice that Provides Antioxidants! Turmeric is a peppery, pungent and bold spice celebrated around the world, best known as the key ingredient enjoyed in delicious Indian curry dishes… and the antioxidant compound Curcumin gives it that bodacious yellow color!** Puritan’s Pride High Potency Turmeric Curcumin Extract 30 Capsules / Item #055356 shop now […]

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Senior Eye Health — Taking Action Now Can Support Better Vision Health**

Get the Lowdown on Lutein! Now is the perfect time to focus on support for those precious baby blues, beautiful browns, gorgeous greens, and the many hues of hazel… The stresses and strains on our eyes are legion. The biggest culprits these days, for most of us, are screens – computer screens, smart phones, TVs, […]

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Getting Active Outdoors

With sweeping summit views, serene lakes or sublimely peaceful forest paths, hiking is one of the most rewarding of all outdoor activities. More than just fresh air and pleasing scenery, hiking is a great way to stay healthy, promoting circulation, joint health, bone health and more.

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How To Read a Supplement Label

What You Need To Know About Your Vitamins and Supplements Confused by all the information on a supplement label? Let Puritan’s Pride help with this nifty infographic that breaks down the terms and features you’d typically see. From Measurements to Proper Storage, you’ll be a pro at understanding your vitamin labels in no time! Click […]

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Nut Butters – Spread the Joy

Tasty (and nutritious) Peanut Butter Alternatives Ah, peanut butter, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways – spread on toast, sandwiched between cookies, slathered on celery and dotted with raisins, and of course the iconic lunch box staple, the PB&J sandwich. The ways we enjoy peanut butter are seemingly limitless. But lately […]

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