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6 Nutritious and Tasty After-Game Snacks

Although I love coaching youth sports, I dislike one aspect – the after game snack. In many leagues, parents are required to sign up to bring a snack and/or drink for each player on the team (this process is often stressful, but I won’t get into that right now). There are usually no snack guidelines so parents have to figure out which snacks would be most appealing to the team.

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7 Ways to Help Your Kids Develop Healthy Eating Habits

Making sure that kids eat a nutritious diet can be challenging at times. Today’s busy families are always on the move and grabbing a quick fast-food meal is often a convenient way to feed everyone.

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The Anti-Beach Body

The beach can strike fear in the hearts of brave men. It isn’t the threat of man-eating sharks, jellyfish, or rip currents that make them shiver. It is the thought of having to remove their shirts and reveal a winter’s worth of overindulgence.

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10 Spices to Keep in Your Cupboard

My mother is an excellent cook. Her gumbo, chicken and dumplings, and okra and tomatoes are legendary. What’s most impressive about my mother’s cooking is that she makes delicious meals with very simple ingredients and spices.

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10 Great Vegetables for Grilling

In Texas, there are four basic food groups: beef, sausage, beans and tortillas. But while these items are great for a Texas-sized BBQ, they don’t make for a balanced diet. Whenever I’m barbecuing, I like to throw a few of my favorite vegetables on the grill.

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Helping a Friend Cope With Depression

I never understood how deeply depression could affect someone’s life until I watched my friend deal with it.

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A Friend’s Heart Attack Motivated Me to Improve My Heart Health

When I heard about my friend Raj’s heart attack, I was shocked. He was a lifelong vegetarian, worked out daily, and maintained a healthy weight. If someone like Raj could have a heart attack, how could I prevent the same thing from happening to me?

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How to Identify Vision Problems in Your Child

My daughter failed her first test in preschool–a vision test. She was so near-sighted in her left eye that she couldn’t see the big “E” on the eye chart without straining.

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Men and Eye Health

I’ve always prided myself on my vision. When I was younger, I used to brag about my eyesight to the point of saying that Superman wished he could see as well as I could. My hubris came back to haunt me when I reached my 30s. Suddenly, my vision had met its kryptonite.

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Quick Chicken Curry Recipe

I got my first taste of curry while traveling to London for business. One of my colleagues insisted that I join him for lunch at his favorite curry restaurant. I agreed because I’m an adventurous eater and I like to try new things.

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