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The Team Myology 10: Cardio and Fat Loss

In our new blog series, we’re posing tough questions about diet and fitness to the men and women of Team Myology – our elite squad of athlete brand ambassadors.

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8 Fitness Supplements That Really Work

With all the hype in the world of fitness supplements, also referred to as sports nutrition, it comes as no surprise that the #1 question we receive from our customers is simply: “Does it work?” Every body is different in the way that it responds to any given nutritional supplement, but understanding which supplements are […]

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A Complete Guide to Amino Acids

The names of our amino acid supplements may not be easy to remember, spell, or pronounce, but don’t let this prevent you from reaping their many benefits. Here’s an overview.

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Gluten-Free Cherry Flaxseed Bars Recipe

Once you taste these delicious gluten-free cherry flaxseed bars, you’ll never want to be without them.

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A Complete Guide to B Vitamins

Eight is enough! Or is it? Let’s explore an important octet of beneficial vitamins known as the B-Complex.

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No-Bake Coconut and Cacao Bites Recipe

These bites combine two of our favorite flavors for a sweet and satisfying snack that’s gluten-free, grain-free, paleo, and oh-so-good.

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Moringa Mule Superfood Mocktail Recipe

Reap the benefits of a Himalayan superfood sensation with this non-alcoholic twist on a happy hour favorite.

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5 Supplements That Support a Positive Mood

We lean on nutritional supplements to help us support our hearts, digestion, joints, bones, immune systems, eyes and skin without hesitation, but what about that other part of wellness that’s a bit more complicated but just as important?*

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7 Skin Care Rules Every Man Should Know

Here are the 7 golden rules of skin care that modern men everywhere can benefit from.

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5 Beneficial Berries from Around the World

Our exploration of superfruit supplements takes us from the subarctic regions of northern Sweden, down to the Amazon River Basin of Brazil, to the rural mountains of northwest Mongolia and back to more familiar territory at home in North America.

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