Are You Sabotaging Your Own Sleep?

17-PP-1024-SOCIAL-BlogBanners-Sleep Does it sometimes feel like every little thing interrupts your dream of a perfect night’s sleep? While we know that having a lot on your mind and stress can keep you from getting all of the zzz’s your body needs, did you know that you might be sabotaging your OWN dreamtime?

Falling asleep

That pizza and beer you had with your friends may have been delicious, but fatty and fried foods take longer for your system to digest, and can give you a bit of heartburn. It’s much better to have a lighter meal for dinner and have that pizza party for lunch.

Enchiladas, chili, tacos, rice & beans… oh my. As yummy at that “bowl of red” was a few hours ago, the indigestion can creep up just when it’s time for sleep. Add to that the fact that it’s difficult for your body to digest beans and the rumbling might just keep you up all night.

Eat your greens, but hold off on the broccoli if you’re having a late dinner. This fibrous vegetable breaks down slowly in your system and can also give you gas. Watch out for Brussels sprouts as well.

You just ordered a decaf coffee so that the caffeine doesn’t keep you up all night, but don’t forget the hidden caffeine in your small scoop of coffee ice cream or dark chocolate that you had for dessert.

Plus, working out late in the day. While your body may be exhausted from that long run, your mind might still be revved up. Earlier workouts for those who have difficulty sleeping could be a better option. Make certain to have a little down time to relax before heading to your bedroom.

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Staying asleep

I love an evening glass of wine, and it can help me relax and doze off to la-la-land. Unfortunately, a little while later you may find that your eyes pop open and you have difficulty getting back to that great dream you were having. Alcohol can interrupt REM sleep, making it difficult to concentrate the next morning.

You made a conscious effort to not overdo the water, as you don’t want to have to wake-up in the middle of the night for a trek to the bathroom. If you think it’s just that glass of H2O sending you to the loo, you might want to curb the watermelon, celery and zucchini late in the day.

Does Fido or Kitty sleep with you? Pets have sleep rhythms that are very different from humans. A surprise jump on your feet during the night from your four legged friend can interrupt even the deepest of sleep.

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Sleep helpers

Try taking some Melatonin if you find that you occasionally need a little help to sleep.** 5-HTP or Valerian Root might be helpful for calming and relaxation too.** Speak to your doctor first for the best choice to make.

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