5 Korean Skincare Trends You Don’t Want to Miss


In case you haven’t heard, Korean beauty is on the scene and not going anywhere for the time being. K-beauty products are making their way from the Eastern Hemisphere to high-end beauty boutiques and even drugstores in the Western Hemisphere. Koreans are known for their love of skincare, which includes a daily 10-12 step regimen. Here are 5 trends from Korea that you don’t want to miss!

Sheet masks

Sheet masks are disposable cotton masks that are soaked in serum, and both easy and convenient to apply. Sure, you’ll look a little frightening for the 20 minutes of application, but there are benefits. Sheet masks remove the need to scrub the mask from the skin, as they are designed to rub the serum into the skin after use. Popular ingredients in Korean sheet masks include kelp, aloe vera, and hyaluronic acid.

16-PP-1402-SOCIAL-591x200-makeup Cleansing sticks

Traveling with skincare just got easier thanks to cleansing sticks, a facial cleanser in stick form. Housed in a twist up tube about the same size as your typical deodorant, they are designed to melt onto the skin with contact to remove makeup, debris, and impurities. Cleansing sticks are perfect for those needing a time-friendly skincare routine, and are ideal for travel because you don’t have to deal with spilling liquids.  Simply wet the face, swipe the stick over skin, work into a lather, then rinse.

Aqua peels

It sounds fancy, but you don’t need to spend money at the spa to enjoy the benefits of an aqua peel. While the word “peel” doesn’t imply moisture, aqua peels are breaking that assumption by leaving skin feeling soft and smooth. Aqua peels work by massaging a moisturizing gel that also contains chemical exfoliants into the skin. You will actually be able to feel the dead skin cells sloughing away. Designed to clean pores and smooth the skin, aqua peels are more gentle than your typical exfoliator.

16-PP-1402-SOCIAL-591x200-facial Essences

Essences are the deep sea divers of the skincare world: they are designed to provide hydration and vitamins to your skin even after the rest of your skincare steps are complete. It’s not a toner, it’s not a serum, but a unique cross between the two. Essences are said to be the key secret to the Korean woman’s skincare routine, and even have a specific method for application: instead of rubbing it all over the skin with a cotton ball, it should be pressed into the skin with your hands, starting at the chin and working up to the forehead for maximum absorption. Essences have a liquid consistency but are not as thick as face creams, and most formulas contain concentrations of skin-friendly vitamins, antioxidants, and acids.

Double cleansing

Double cleansing is exactly what it sounds like: cleaning the skin twice. To double cleanse, start with a waterless method by massaging cleansing oil all over the skin with a cotton pad. To finish the process, wash skin with a traditional cleanser. To apply makeup, it is imperative to have a smooth base. Double cleansing is just one way to achieve a flawless canvas, and remove impurities from the skin.

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