11 Uses for Soothing Lavender Essential Oil


Lavender Oil – oh how we love thee!

A staple of any essential oils collection and an aromatherapy favorite, Lavender Oil is the perfect fragrance for springtime or any time.

“Our 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil is the #1 seller in our Aromappeal line and a consistent customer favorite!” says Puritan’s Pride senior category manager and aromatherapy expert Dawn Lombardi.  “I love using Lavender Oil at night; it helps me find balance in mind, body and spirit, and it allows me to relax for a good night’s sleep.”

The History

The term ‘Lavender’ refers not to one specific plant, but to a genus of approximately 39 different flowering plants in the mint family.  The form most commonly cultivated is the English lavender, though France is currently among the top producing nations.  Lavenders thrive in temperate climates and areas with high sun exposure – especially in the presence of dry soil and good air circulation.

Lavender Oil has been used in perfumery for thousands of years, dating back to the Arabian Peninsula around 4,000 B.C.  It was used in the biblical Solomon’s Temple as a holy herb, and during Roman times, 1 pound of lavender was worth a full month’s wages of the farm laborer that cultivated it!

Though Lavender is primarily grown as a decorative plant to add color to gardens and landscapes, it is occasionally used as a condiment in culinary dishes for its slightly sweet, floral flavor.


The Scent

The aroma of Lavender is floral, fresh, and slightly sweet.  The strength of the aroma varies from medium to strong, with some oilers finding it more powerful than others.  Lavender essential oil blends well with other light floral scents like Geranium, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang and Chamomile, citrus aromas like Lemon and Orange, and tree-based oils like Pine, Rosewood, Sandalwood and Frankincense.

Here’s an easy tip for combining Lavender with the other oils in your collection:  Lavender works well as a middle note blended with light floral or citrus top notes a woodsy base.

Uses for Lavender Oil

Lavender Essential Oil is traditionally used for tranquility and serenity, meditation and massage, but its versatility knows no bounds.  Here are a few innovative uses for Lavender Oil.

#1: Calm & Collected Lavender Body Mist

Combine 6 drops of Lavender Oil, 4 drops of Rosewood Oil, 5 drops of Ylang Ylang and 5 drops of Chamomile in a small spray bottle.  Add 8 oz. of distilled water, 2 teaspoons of Witch Hazel, and mix well.  Use a spray or two of body mist as desired.

#2:  Refreshing Lavender & Pine Carpet Deodorizer

Empty and thoroughly clean a baby powder bottle, or a similar squeeze bottle with powder holes on top.  Combine 1 cup of Pure All Natural Baking Soda with 16 drops of Lavender Oil and 8 drops of Pine, mix well and seal the bottle.  Sprinkle a small amount on carpets and vacuum thoroughly after 3 or 4 hours.

#3:  Simple Serenity Bedtime Diffuser Blend

Combine the following oils in your electric diffuser 1-2 hours before bedtime:

#4  DIY Lavender & Rosemary Hair Serum

Tired of frizzy, unmanageable hair? Smooth it out with this secret weapon hair serum for smooth, satiny locks.

In a small glass jar, combine 2 oz. of Castor Oil, 10 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil, and 10 drops of Lavender.  Mix well and apply to the hair as desired.

#5:  Heikki Lunta’s Superior Sauna Blend

This one comes directly from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, where sauna culture extends well beyond gyms and spas and into everyday life.  Combine 6 drops of Lavender Oil and 2 drops of Jasmine Oil in 1 cup of water.  Pour over the sauna stones and enjoy a unique and soothing sauna experience.

Warning:  Do not apply any essential oil directly to the hot stones.  Always dilute the oils in water first.


#6:  Melissa’s Lavender & Vitamin E Shampoo

If you’re a true DIYer like social media assistant Melissa, give her homemade Lavender & Vitamin E Shampoo a try.

Combine the following ingredients in a glass jar or a re-purposed shampoo bottle and mix well.  Melissa recommends a Liquid Coconut Oil , but if your coconut oil is in solid form, heat it up in the microwave for 15 seconds to reduce to liquid.

Use the shampoo as desired.

#7:  Morning Mint Revitalizing Conditioner

For your morning shower, give the revitalizing kick of peppermint oil a try.

Combine the following ingredients in a glass jar or a clean, re-purposed shampoo bottle and mix well.  If either the coconut oil or the shea butter is in solid form, heat them up in the microwave for 15 seconds to reduce to liquid.

Use the shampoo as desired.

#8:  Tranquility Nighttime Pillow Spray

In a small spray bottle, combine 8 drops of Lavender Oil, 5 drops of Patchouli Oil, 5 drops of Geranium Oil and 3 drops of Chamomile.  Add 8 oz. of distilled water, 2 teaspoons of rubbing alcohol, and mix well.  Apply one or two sprays of the mixture to your pillow immediately before bedtime.


#9:  5-Ingredient Lavender Skin Soother

This one is perfect for calming and cooling the skin after a day out in the summer sun.

In a small bowl, combine 8 oz. of Aloe Vera Gel, 2 teaspoons of Vitamin E Oil, ½ cup of Jojoba Oil, 1 tablespoon of Perfectly Pure Shea Butter (melted), and 10 drops of Lavender Oil.  Mix well and apply to the skin as desired.

#10:  Sweet & Simple Lavender Vacuum Deodorizer

Depending on the type of vacuum you have, there are a few different ways to add the freshness of lavender to your household cleaning routine.

If your vacuum uses a canister or vacuum bag, add 3-5 drops of Lavender Essential Oil to a clean, dry tissue, paper towel or cotton ball, and place it inside the canister or bag.  Alternatively, place the drops directly onto the vacuum filter or dust cup immediately before use.  Always make sure that the machine is clean before applying the oil.

#11:  Lovely Lavender Laundry Aid

Washer:  Simply add 10-12 drops of Lavender Oil to your laundry detergent before use.

Dryer:  Place 6 drops of Lavender Oil on a damp washcloth and toss it into the dryer along with the wet clothes.

Note: Do not apply the oil directly to clothing; always dilute it in the liquid detergent for the washer and on a damp washcloth for the dryer. Also note that the washcloth does not perform the function of a dryer sheet.

Not an oiler or a Do-It-Yourselfer?  Give Lavender Room & Body Mist, Massage & Body Oil, Whipped Shea Butter, Bath Tea, Tranquility Candle,  Bath Salt Crystals, Bath Cupcakes, Shower Gel, Bubble Bath or Body Wash a try.

Even more uses for essential oils:

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